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About Tokyo Auto Salon KL

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About Tokyo Auto Salon Kuala Lumpur

Inaugurated in 1983, TOKYO AUTO SALON is now one of the world’s leading automobile extravaganza. It has received immense support from exhibitors, sponsors, automobile aficionados and legion of fans. This is one autoshow everyone is waiting for. The TOKYO AUTO SALON has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Malaysia has one of the highest car ownership rate in the world. The automotive aftermarket service segment in Malaysia is set to hit USD6.5b by 2025 – a huge market for industry players.

It is against this backdrop that MUSE Group plans to bring the TOKYO AUTO SALON to Malaysia in 2023 for the very first time.

The pandemic has placed challenges on the world economy in an unprecedented fashion. We are confident the introduction of the TOKYO AUTO SALON in Kuala Lumpur in 2023 will add much needed injection into the domestic automotive industry by bringing the market to the end users at this inaugural TOKYO AUTO SALON KUALA LUMPUR 2023.

We look forward to your participation in TOKYO AUTO SALON KUALA LUMPUR 2023.